Sunday, November 2, 2014

Week 1 blog update

In light of the recent readings, I feel this huge responsibility that I've been somewhat aware of on a personal level, to fight for human rights and advocate for issues by resolving problems best suited to the wishes of our clients. I find it interesting what the Chu, Tsui, and Yan article called attention to as the standards that we are responsible for upholding. I believe it would be a conscious effort especially for me in not allowing my own personal beliefs to affect my performance as a social worker in advocating for the rights of my client even if I don't share the same beliefs or values they would uphold. It's a charge and a challenge to every social worker after reading this article to make an effort to be conscious of any biases or indifference they reflect and to acknowledge them as a tool for staying impartial to the rights of the client.

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  1. Very true,
    The ability to keep impartial and set aside any personal bias' is a skill that must be developed in order to be an effective social worker. It is a challenging aspect of the field but a necessary one, if we cant understand life through a client(s) perspective how can we expect to properly advocate for them?