Thursday, June 12, 2014


HIV/AIDS is a highly advancing disease all over the world. According to reports since 1981, there are more than 1.8 million people in the U.S. are estimated to have been infected with HIV; today, more than 1.1 million people are living with HIV. Over the years medical experts have been and still are trying to find a core for this epidemic. Although, the numbers have gone down since then, but there are still new infections that remain at about 50,000.

There are programs that are provided in the prevention of this disease. Also not only government programs provide prevention, churches also. 

According to the article “HIV/AIDS Policy initiative” written by Geoff Foster, 

“The main providers of health services were religious organizations, a situation that continues today in some countries with severe HIV/AIDS epidemics. Religious health networks are the second largest entity of health care providers in the developing world after government programs."

I came across interesting information regarding a treatment drug called “the Sondashi formula HIV/AIDS treatment drug” out of Zambia, Africa. Dr. Ludwig Sondashi, is the inventor of the Sondashi Formula 2000 HIV herbal remedy which he claims has cured over 400 people suffering from HIV after taking his medicine.

As of last year one man has claimed to have been cured from taking this medication. He stated he tested HIV+ on July 1, 2005 and now he’s cured. The man stated:

“I am so happy because I think I have broken a record for Dr. Sondashi's drug. I only took it for four months because I started taking it on January 21 this year and I doubt if there is anyone else who has been cured in such a short period of time. I hear others have to take the drug for at least six months and above for them to get positive results."

Do you think the U.S. should invest in Dr. Sondashi medication and if so why? Also, would you recommend this medication to someone you know that’s living with this disease (only after you have done your research).


  1. I am pretty experimental so I would try but I would try it under the care of and in conjunction with a medical doctor . I think we limit ourselves if we only look at FDA approved medications just as it is limited if we only look at natural and herbal methods of treatment.
    You mentioned how churches have been big with prevention programs, I am sure they are not only offering prayer.... Prayer and medical treatment works hand in hand so I think medications can work with herbal remedies.
    I think it would be good to look at his research. HIV has been kicking our butts since the 80's, nothing beats a failure but a try.....It will not hurt to try.


    1. Today at 6:25 AM

      Nykeisha I find this very interesting that people still believe in a made up drug that has not been tested or research further to be a cure. I strongly disagree with trying this new drug, I personally do not believe there is a cure, I think it is something to help people to live comfortable, and not be ill. I think as suggested in the articles more education and seminars on these vicious disease is one way that I believe will be helpful to many. And hopefully their will be a cure, but at the time I do not believe in this cure and would not recommend it to one of my friends or family.

      thanks for the insight

  2. If there is a cure, why not? What makes America the know all and be all of all Medical things? Other countries have great minds to develop and produce drugs that can cure many diseases.

    However do you really believe that in a capitalist society that people would think it would be beneficial to present a cure? There is no money in curing anything. Billions of dollars goes to finding the cure. The majority of our citizens believe everything the United States government says anyways. We are so arrogant that we do not believe other people have the intellectual capacity to create cures. If it doesn't benefit the rich and they cannot capitalize on it, it will not pass FDA regulations. Look at medical marijuana and how they are "thinking" of making it a legal recreational drug but they have prosecuted many for selling it on the streets.

    I saw a TV series recently when a kid was infected with a disease that can kill him and the doctor's heard about a cure in Mexico that have been proven to cure people but because the FDA did not approve of the medication it is illegal. Long story short the father traveled all the way to Mexico to do an illegal purchase of the medication and the little boy lived.

  3. Sophie, I think its good that the US has the FDA but sometimes we really get in the way of ourselves. Thank God his father had enough resources to be able to go to Mexico on his own. I hope that whichever hosp and whichever doctor worked with this family thinks enough to look into this medication and with the FDA look into getting it here in the US.

  4. I think that if there is any real possibility that this herbal medicine treatment actually works, that the US should investigate it. HIV and AIDs are, as far as we know, not curable and millions of people die from them. The current cocktails are extremely expensive and people have to take them every day for the rest of their lives. Also, not everyone has access to these treatments, nor are they able to afford them. If this "cure" actually works, it could save the lives of millions of people from all around the world! A lot of medications are based on natural living things, including plants. Why not start studying this method? The worst that can happen is that it doesn't work, but at least we would know for sure.

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  6. Its hard to believe that there is a cure for HIV and AIDs. If there is a cure, doctors or who ever is keeping it a secret. I immediately think of NBA Hall of Famer Earvin "Magic" Johnson when I think or hear of people who are living with HIV. Magic is living with HIV and is living a healthy life. I think that there is a cure somewhere but only accessible to those with money.

    I will definitely recommend this drug to people who are suffering for HIV and AIDs. If this drug is as awesome as it sounds, the United States should invest in it. There are plenty of people rich and poor that are living with HIV and AIDs that can benefit from this medicine.

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