Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Impact of Poverty on the Economy

Economic policy is one of the key factors that affect the social welfare and the things that people can qualify for when it comes to housing, nutrition and medical needs. And this is the areas that social worker look at when they are working with people to meet up with their needs.  There is poverty problem which is affecting the economy because when a lot of people are poor there is nothing much that they can do to contribute to the growth of economy. These people need help to get the basic necessity of life and they are not supposed to be ignored. They need the government services to support their life. Some of this people are contributing to the social security which at the end of the day they cannot have access to it until they reach the age they can qualify for it even though they are facing poverty.

There is one of our church members that lost his job and he has three children that depend on him. He was undergoing serious poor situation. He was living on people for help; the food stamp wasn’t enough for him and his children to live on. Some people were donating to him as little as they can, but is this the life that someone should rely on? I think the government need to do more to reduce poverty because some people seriously need aid. I am glad for Obama care policy which is helping the people for Affordable health insurance. But the poor still need more help from the government.





  1. Hi Monday. I agree with you in the fact that there are poor people that needs the government help and they don't get any help. On the other part, I don't think people are being ignore because of their necessity, but I think they either do not qualify to receive the government help or something that they might asked for is or was missing, or something else. About the person from your church, there are places that he can go for food. I found this on
    I used to volunteer at philabundance back in high school and I know they offer meals to people, but I don't know if they have to sign up.
    Going back to your post, I think the social security, which is the money that people receives once they retire, is part of the way some countries work that money cannot be given until the person reach certain age.

  2. I think part of the problem is that the money that should be spent and could be spent on services for the poor is misappropriated and taken away for "better" things, or at least what politicians see as better. The stigma that poor people face every day works against them. So many people think that everyone on welfare is doing drugs or popping out babies for more money, and these opinions go all the way to the top. I wish that the ACTUAL statistics and conditions these people live with were the issues looked at while debating funding. So many people think, "Oh - he/she's just not looking hard enough for a job. They're lazy." If everyone walked a mile in the shoes of a person stuck in poverty so many things would change!