Thursday, May 29, 2014

Effect of Social Welfare System


There are a lot of Social welfare policies and they all operate in different ways. These policies determine what people can qualify for and the system is affecting a lot of people because you have to be in the right program for you to be able to get the services that you deserve. Some people sometimes find it difficult to get access to social workers that can speak for them and help them get the important services that they deserve. As a matter of fact there is a lot of collaboration that is needed to be able to get the right service because that is the system.

So if there will be more attention to the right of people, and people with disability, including women’s right and other rights it will benefit more people and it will yield a better outcome. For  instance  I have a family friend  that  her child have autism  but  they  couldn’t get her  a quick service because of how the policy run. The child was isolating herself from other children in school and her grade was very low. Her mother was noticing so many changes in her behavior and she was telling her child school that something is wrong with her child because she was not coping with her age and the things that she was supposed to be doing. She was having a lot of issues but the woman kept voicing out her complains and it took her child school  too long for them to be able to see things themselves  and to consider the right program for the child. Because there a lot of procedures to follow to be able to get the right service.


  1. Euphemia,
    I hear you clearly when you speak on social welfare policies operating in ways that determines what people are qualified for. At times we tend to think that the policies are unfair. The reason for this is that Social Welfare policies embodies social, political, and economic events. In addition, Social Welfare policies, consist of values and beliefs of its supporters and is influenced by social and economic conditions (Segal, 2013). That being said, this maybe the cause of why your family friend was unable to receive prompt services regarding her child with autism.
    Unfortunately, social issues gains attention as a social concern when more people, social groups, and policy makers define it as a social problem. Before any social issue could be addressed, the social policy should be analyzed first. Questions should be asked such as
    • Was the issue/problem identified
    • What is the extent of the issue/problem
    • Who is defining the issue/problem as a social concern and why?
    While the social policy is being analyzed, it may take time to grant prompt assistance to those in need such as your family friend. I’m not sticking up for the policies of Social Welfare, just wanted to share some information that may help lighten your concerns.

  2. There are usually loopholes in the system which is why policies are continue to be implemented when the policies does not serve its purpose established by the policy markers. I think policies related to individual health status should be prioritize, follow up and give more attention to. But sometimes even when policies are in place, those that enforce those services to the clients may need to be addressed to on manner and time framed required for such services to be delivered and you can relate this to what happened with the death of VA. Does that mean there was no policy in place or the service was not delivering on time due to the process involved or what actually happened?