Friday, May 30, 2014

Social Welfare Assistance Abuse

After reading chapter 4 'The delivery of Social Welfare Services', I came to the conclusion that the federal Government should provide Social Services. The Federal government should also come up with a brand new, and improved system for determining the eligibility for the allotment of benefits.

I know of too many people that have abused public assistance for many years. They have been able to take advantage of the housing, food-stamps food stamps programs. They also manipulate the system to receive disability/ SSI. Living on assistance has become a way of life for them. Many people of communities that live this way become comfortable and lack the desire to get off of assistance. Information on how to cheat the system, receive and live on assistance is pass down from generation to generation. Many people refuse to work because they will lose their benefits.
I feel that the Federal Government should re-examine whose worthy for benefits. The people that qualify assistance that are able to work should automatically have to attend at college or trade school to obtain qualifications for better employment. I know I’m asking for too much but it would be nice for government to create a computer program that transparently show the welfare recipients’ achievements and progress. This would assure that everyone is working to the best of their ability to minimize the benefits received.


  1. For many, it is easier to stay on welfare, where you have access to affordable health care for your children, a roof over their heads, hot water to bathe in, and food in the fridge to feed them. There is supposed to be affordable child care so you can go to school or search for a job,but there is not - or at least not much. The funds designated for the Welfare programs are continuously being cut, and the money not spent on welfare, and the money being diverted from welfare, is going to the top 1% - where it doesn't need to go! If I had to choose between the health and happiness of my children, or a full time job that pays minimum wage, meaning my children would be hungry, cold, and without health insurance - I would choose my kids!

    The welfare system should definitely be re-vamped! In fact, BEFORE TANF was put into play, the welfare system was actually working. You're always going to have people who work the system and commit fraud at the expense of other who are truly in need. This is an unfortunate fact of life.

    The people making the welfare policies are rich, often older, white men - the exact opposite of those who are on welfare. The people making these laws have no idea what poverty is! They know what it looks like in a movie, in a book, and on a spreadsheet; they have no idea who the people are, what they go through, how they suffer to provide for themselves and their families. The people who make the policies should be the people who can empathize and relate with those on welfare! They need realism - not idealism.

  2. The government always find ways to re-examine ways to cut benefits to those who needs it. There is no way they will put millions or even hundreds to closely examine who needs benefits and who doesn't. That is why it is easier to change laws and cut benefits.

    The real issue here is income inequality, education, and the prison industry. The working mom works long hours and loses quality time with her children because she doesn't make enough money and have to pay child care, traveling expenses, and household expenses. It doesn't add up. It's it your problem? Some may say no because she choose to have children and it's her responsibility to care for those children and where are the fathers? Let's talk about another social system failure, the child support courts and family courts.

    Instead of getting into a rant, I will say that welfare in America is a deep and long discussion. You have to look at all the factors that are involved including environment, social system failures, and the stigma that people place on poor people.

    Sure you know a few who cheats the government but did you know that the government is cheating us out of billions? Take a look at Michael Moore's "Capitalism, A love story." We may think solutions are easy to create but with the 1% stealing all of the money and us listening to the lies of corrupt individuals it's easier to blame the little guys.

  3. I agree.
    I think there are a lot of people out there that abuse the system. I also know many that have made welfare a way of life yet, I know many who has used it as it's original purpose. They used it as a helping hand until they were able to find employment.
    The criteria for getting the services isnt what I would change, I think I would change how people are able to stay on it. I think cases needs to be examined more closely for remaining on welfare. I think welfare should do as unemployment does, require you to show proof that you have been trying to look for work or as you've stated get recipients in trade schools and college. If participants are going to school or working then affordable day care should also be provided. Day care is a financial hardship that many can not afford with low paying jobs or being able to pay while in school. 'Subsidized' should truly mean 'sliding scale' according to ones income.

    I also believe in the drug testing, I know that isnt a popular idea but I have to be drug tested for employment so I think those who are receiving funding from the government should be tested too. I dont think the testing should be done just to get people off but to help with prevention and provide treatment to then get them started on a pathway to school so that they can become self sufficient citizens.

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  5. I think that we must keep in mind that as social workers we come from a "strengths based perspective" when dealing with people. A lot of the suggestions that I am reading are punitive in nature, and we should be meeting people where they are. Creating policy that implements drug testing, etc. is to actually base policy decisions on people's weaknesses, which isn't a perspective that derives from a person's strengths. I don't support the exploitation of a program designed to give a helping hand to the needy, but I am more concerned with those that are exploiting the system and accumulating massive wealth in doing so, i.e. corporate welfare that allows major companies such as Walmart, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, etc. to receive government assistance, but at more cost to communities than does Sara who gets $300 dollars monthly in benefits.