Thursday, May 29, 2014

Federal decisions versus society's decisions:

Federal decisions versus society’s decisions:

Day to day we try to make our own decisions in life, hoping that those we make will enhance our lives in some way.  Admittedly, some of these decisions are good and some are bad, but at least we know they were our decisions.  In chapter five it discusses the Delivery of Social Welfare Services and its much decision making.  We know there are many different functions within the government, one of them being decision making for us, the citizens. As you may suspect, there are times we agree with these decisions and times we completely oppose them.  Today it seems at times some citizens depend so much on the government to make decisions for all of us, that their own real decision making almost does not exist. 

One type of decision individuals seem to leave to the government more often than not are those pertaining to their financial well-being. The government has made it so easy for many to collect from programs such as welfare that some people believe that this is the way they should be living. As a citizen, I do not think that the government takes into consideration how people actually live, and the expectations they have.  The government has been so involved that I believe that they have caused more harm than help. 

In my estimation, areas that the government should be helping more include jobs and housing. However it appears that they would rather stick their noses in things that should be decisions made by and for individuals.  One personal example I have in reference to this involves a friend of mine who was having a truancy issue with her son. The government, which makes these laws, refused to understand that she tried to have better control over her son and his being absent from school as much as she could, but she was having a lot of trouble and no one would listen to her side of the situation, and she received a citation.  Knowing this situation first hand and how poorly the ‘local’ government dealt with it remains one reason why I feel the way I do about the government making decisions for us. The government comes up with decisions that they feel are beneficial and acceptable for citizens, but in the end most of us feel the way I do, which is that they make decisions for us in areas that don’t help and don’t get involved where we need them. Many citizens are aware of what is going on and have a better chance of voicing their concerns and making better decisions than the government.


  1. The best response for this is to vote and advocate for ourselves. There is no I in team. If we all stood up for our rights the government would have to listen. Today's Society do not take the time out to fight for whats right.People are so wrap up in release dates for the latest Jordans or what clubs will be popping this weekend.They forget about what is really going on around us and were the future is heading. I'm not saying that everyone one is like this.But if we want to see a change we all have to stand up and band together to make a difference.

  2. We do not live in a dictatorship. We live where democracy is in place and we all have the option to elect who we want to make these decisions for us. That being said, is the question more that we electing the wrong officials or are we deciding that we do not care enough to even go out to vote for who will make decisions for us. The PA governor primary was on May 20th and I would like to ask how many people decided to get out and vote. And if they did vote, who did they vote for an why? It is a known fact that any people do not go to vote in the primaries because they don't know when it is, who they should vote for or how important it is to elect someone to represent their interested party that shares the same values and beliefs. If you were to ask 10 people walking down the street who was the democratic nominee for governor of PA, most will not know. But these are the folks who are making the laws on our behalf. If we don't like who is representing us, then we need to be more informed and take a stand for who will represent our needs and wants from the government.

  3. I agree with you Donna, and most countries the government sysytem is the same. They wait for things to happen before the they take any proper action to rectify the situation, and I agree with Edwina we have to vote and advocate for ourselves.

  4. Donna, I fully agree with what you are saying. I feel that no matter how much, as citizens, we shout our voices regarding what is best for us, the government will still find away of pulling whatever decisions that are made by citizens down to what they feel it needs to be. Yes, we do have a voice to make decisions, it's just not getting heard loud enough. You have to remember that 90 % of lawmakers in Congress are rich white males.

  5. Hi Donna:

    Your statement about there being less government involvement in peoples lives has a ring of validity to it. I too am in agreement with you that people (voters) should have a more active role and say in the decision making process, particularly when the impact of a decision will directly or indirectly affect their social well being.