Thursday, May 22, 2014

Responsibility: The Needy and The Greedy



For many centuries, society has been responsible for people’s well-being.  Sound like a good thing doesn’t it.  Now let’s elaborate on it a bit.  Why have society become responsible for the needs of people?  Why can’t people be responsible for themselves?  The answer to both questions is, social issues (i.e., unemployment, poverty, mental illness, homelessness, widowers, health problems, teenage parenting).

Because of social issues, social welfare systems and programs were formulated to assist those in need.  Tax payers aren’t happy with the idea of their wages being garnished to help support the “needy”.  Reason is, many people are taking advantage and abusing these services.
There’s the “needy”, people that may have a handicap that prevents them from maintaining a job, or they're employed and their income is below the poverty level.  In contrast, there's the “greedy”,   healthy individuals, unemployed,  and collecting welfare benefits.  Or, they may be employed and lying about their finances in order to receive governmental aid such as low-income housing and reduced child care services.   How fare is that? Who should be responsible for taking care of who.

In regards to Individual responsibility vs social responsibility, some believe an individual is responsible for his own self and others believe the Government should help people when they are in need.  Will this tug-a-war ever end?  It’s been declared that social welfare is defined as; the well-being of society and therefore, society must take care of its own.



Written by:  Angela Shoemake


  1. I love your topic, I can relate to it because I am from a country where people love to wait on the government for handouts, but what most of them should know is that; if they try to help themselves life would be much easier to go through. I have a cousin with ten children and she has never waited on anyone for help and her children are never in need of anything and they were never absent from school. These brothers and sisters show positive reaction to their mother's belief, by helping each other through school, and their aim is to always be at the head of the class, so as not to wait on government for nothing.

  2. This is a huge topic for me. Empowering the "Greedy welfare recipient" to be self-reliant is one of the reasons why I want to become a Social Worker. working with clients to build self-efficiency would promote motivation and determination to live welfare free. I believe once the clients goal of maintaining life without assistance is accomplished, this would give confidence that he or she can achieve anything in life.
    I'm in favor of the government re-evaluating who is unworthy of welfare benefits and enforcing stricter penalties on recipients that fraud the system.